Olix Oil Olive Oils excel in Joop Japan 2022

JOOP Olixe Oil International

Three Best In Class distinctions and one Gold Prize was the outcome from the participation of the multi-awarded Greek company in the international olive oil competition JOOP Japan 2022. The company participated with the following four products:

  • Naté Koroneiki Premium – Extra Virgin Olive oil of excellent quality, from selected Koroneiki variety, the “flagship” of the company.
  • Ladelia Premium – Award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Koroneiki variety, with a total of 16 international awards.
  • Koroneiki Premium – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Koroneiki variety, unique quality and over 13 international awards.
  • Eleonas Vatopediou Bio – Award-winning Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, selected exclusively from Monastery olive groves, according to the cultivation practices of Vatopedi Monastery.

The first three were given the Best In Class distinction, the ultimate prize given by Joop in the Monovarietal category, obtaining a score between 9,50 and 10,00, while the Eleonas Vatopediou Organic got a Gold Prize, scoring between 9,00 and 9,49.


JOOP (stands for Japan Olive Oil Prize) is an acclaimed international contest aiming to promote extra-virgin olive oils of all origin in Japan. The competition is a truly unique opportunity for producers to increase their brand awareness in international markets, and especially Japan, where the demand for high-quality extra-virgin olive oil is continuously growing. In the decade of its presence, JOOP managed to be synonymous with excellence and fairness, granted by an internationally recognized panel of jurors. Participating oils are selected based on blind tasting procedures and in full accordance with the EU regulations. In JOOP 2022 more than 500 Extra Virgin Olive Oils from 21 countries participated, leading to 45 distinctions for Greek olive oils.

About the company

Olix Oil International is a leading company in Extra Virgin Olive Oil production and marketing. The company’s units, (pomace production and refinery) are part of one of the largest and most modern industrial facilities in Greece, while the Packaging Plant the company works with in Tripoli is equipped with the latest machines for the standardization process. The company’s philosophy is to meet the needs of all customers around the world, connect them with the Greek flavors praised worldwide and help them enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, the best in the world. Last, but not least, within the company’s priorities lies the utmost respect for nature and the environment, actively participating in a responsible development of olive production.