Papadopoulou – Cream Crackers with Carob

Cream Crackers with Carob

The family of the beloved Cream Crackers is growing and welcomes the new member, Cream Crackers with Carob.
With the addition of carob, an ingredient that is very Mediterranean and familiar to our tastes, but also with great nutritional value, the new Cream Crackers with Carob meet the demands of every consumer for pleasure and quality in their diet.
Kneaded with natural sourdough, light, crunchy and with the distinctive taste of carob, the new Cream Crackers with Carob are the ideal snack suggestion before any activity, during a trip or when we just want to enjoy “something” tasty and light that will “keep us going”.
And of course the combinations we can make with Cream Crackers with Carob are endless for a nutritious breakfast or even for an easy, light and satisfying evening meal.

The Cream Crackers Family has 5 more flavors: Cream Crackers Wheat, Cream Crackers with Wholegrane Rye, Cream Crackers with Quinoa, Cream Crackers Sugar Free and Cream Crackers with Barley, Oat and Beta-Glucan.

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