Patata Chrysovitsas on the way to become a PGI product

Chrysovitsas potato

Another Greek product is preparing to enter the list of the Protected Geographical Indication products.

The abundance and excellent quality of Greek food products is common knowledge among food lovers worldwide, still, when yet another traditional product enters the PDO – PGI list, this is great news.

Going one step further in enriching the list with the 113* Greek PDO – PGI products, in September 24, 2023, the Region signed a contract with the Agricultural University of Athens (A.U.A.) with the aim of preparing the research project entitled: “Chrysovitsa potato: Conducting research and collecting data with the aim of registering it as a Product of Geographical Indication”, with Serko Haroutounian, professor of the Department of Animal Production of the Agricultural University of Athens and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ELGO DIMITRA as the scientific manager of the project.

Chrysovitsa in located in Pindos Mountains, in the Northwestern part of Greece, at an altitude of 1400 m. The registration of the Chrysovitsa Potato as a Protected Geographical Indication product is expected to offer the region a certified product of local tradition which will help the development of the primary sector and stimulate the local economy, enabling the farmers of the area to increase their income and to remain in their homes. Last, but certainly not least, it will be combined with the development of agricultural tourism.

According to the terms of the contract, a research will be carried out, to gather data that will document the historical-folkloric demarcation of the product and its connection with the region, research and data collection on the soil, the special nutritional characteristics of the product, etc.

(The number does not include spirits and wine. Also, it does not include Faki Engklouvis, the registration of which is still pending and will be finalized within the following months)