Food helps Greek exports grow in 2021

Greek Exports grow

Greek exports recorded a positive trend in January 2021, increasing —excluding mineral oil products— by 1% when compared to January 2020, according to provisional data announced on March 10, 2021 by the Hellenic Statistical Authority and processed by the Institute of Export Research and Studies (ΙΕRS) established by the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE).

Including mineral oils, Greek exports decreased by €344.4 million, ie 12.1% and amounted to €2,510.3 million, compared to €2,854.7 million in January 2020, while the course of imports was somewhat similar, decreasing from €4,747.7 million last year to €3,953.2 million this year, displaying a difference of €794.5 million, ie 16.7%. The country’s trade balance remained deficit but significantly improved compared to last year, as it amounted to €1,442.9 million compared to €1,893 million in January 2020, exhibiting a difference of €450.1 million, ie 23.8 %.

2.4% increase in food exports

With the exception of mineral oil products, exports continued to increase, from €1,993 million in January 2020 to €2,012.8 million this year, an increase of € 19.8 million, ie 1%. On the contrary, imports decreased by €374.2 million, ie 10.9% amounting to €3,063.3 million, while the trade deficit shrank by €394 million, ie 27.3% and amounted to €1,050.5 million. Food exports were also up by €9.7 million, ie 2.4% compared to the corresponding month of 2020.
Export destinations remained unchanged, as the member states of the European Union absorbed 57.2% of Greek exports, while Third Countries 42.8%. Excluding mineral oil products, the percentage reached 68.6% for the EU and 31.4% for Third Countries.