Select Bakery: New collaboration with KFC, focus on exports

Select Bakery

Select Bakery, one of the largest Greek companies producing bakery products, has a new deal on the works: it is ready to start cooperating with KFC for the Balkan and Cyprus markets. It is also worth noting that last year the company started doing business with Burger King (it is the US chain’s supplier for Cyprus and Greece). Katerina Nendou, Select’s Managing Director, reports that as far as exports are concerned “Approximately 20% of our sales take place outside Greece, but we are aiming to further increase our share. Regarding the deals we do with large brands, the one with KFC is a very good partnership. I have to say that our company’s quality, consistency and dignity is recognized in these partnerships.”

Select Bakery in a nutshell

  • 25,000m2 privately owned facilities (Thessaloniki and Athens)
  • 45 privately owned fleet trucks
  • 6,500 frozen pallet places, the total capacity of the logistics center
  • 20 countries in the world where Select products are exported