The Antetokounmpos in the new Melissa Campaign

Melissa Campaign

Melissa, the renown Greek pasta brand, launches a new campaign, starring the Antetokounmpo family, under the motto “Life becomes full when you share”. The new campaign aims to remind us all that one simple act can bring the sense of fulfillment that we all seek in our lives.

True to the company’s timeless values, the new campaign begins with a family that has learned to share in a meaningful way. Passing the message on, a plate of pasta “travels”, reaching many people and ends up in a hug table with all the participants enjoying their food together. The last scene highlights Melissa’s unbreakable connection with family moments, the need for care and solidarity and emphasizes the importance of loving and sharing.

The new campaign was inspired and curated by The Newtons Laboratory, and you can check it out below!

The New Logo

It should also be noted that the company, within this campaign, presents its new logo, which, as is pointed out, “signals an exciting new chapter for Melissa Kikizas S.A. Following the recent rebranding of the flagship Melissa brand and the expansion of our products with the successful integration of the Terra Creta brand, the concept of our new logo visually tells the story of our company since its foundation in 1947. In addition, the land element symbolizes the vision of our founder, Alexandros Kikizas, to create a food industry that will use exclusively Greek raw materials to produce high quality products. In fact, our new corporate identity reinforces our company’s commitment and vision to spread Greek cuisine and culinary culture to the world.”