The Int’l Taste Institute gives 26 golden stars to Mevgal

Mevgal International Taste Awards

For yet another year, MEVGAL, one of the leaders in the dairy category in Greece, distinguished itself at the annual ITQi international taste competition in Brussels, organized by the International Taste Institute (formerly ITQI). In fact, the company from northern Greece, received no less than 26 gold stars for its products which stood out for their taste, texture and quality.
Feta MEVGAL stood out in the top score –the only feta cheese that won 3 gold stars in this year’s competition– for its authentic taste, due to its traditional production method for 70 years now. Three stars were also awarded to the brand’s Sheep Yogurt, Strained Yogurt 10% and Lactose Free 10% Yogurt. Two stars were awarded to the Authentic Greek Yogurt Lactose Free 2%, the Yogurt with Nuts and Honey, the Lactose Free Yogurt with Strawberry, the Authentic Greek Yogurt 2%, as well as more traditional products such as the Authentic Greek Goat Yogurt and Manouri cheese. Finally, one star was awarded to MEVGAL’s Kasseri cheese and the MEVGAL Goat Cheese.
Since 1985, MEVGAL and its products are ambassadors of the Mediterranean diet in 35 countries, while they cater to every nutritional need and have been globally recognized for their top-tier quality, exceptional taste and high nutritional value.