Vikos Cola: New Can and Glass Packaging

Vikos Cola

The Epirus Bottling Industry Vikos SA presented their new packaging in the category of soft drinks. The first product that underwent the change is VIKOS Cola, while the rest of the products in the category (orangeades, lemonades etc) will follow.

The new packaging includes metal cans and glass bottles, previously “absent” from the brand’s portfolio. The new materials are expected to add value to the product’s aesthetics, as well as the overall “quality”, at least as perceived by consumers in terms of packaging, since the actual product, which is of excellent quality, remains the same.

The new bottles, while simple, have style. The brand logo is dominant, with its unique local characteristics, the mountains of Zagorochoria. The beneficial mineral water contained in the soft drinks originates from there, and the famous village of the same name, Vikos, is also located there. It is worth noting that Vikos Cola is the only cola on the market that is produced with natural mineral water.

The new VIKOS Cola bottles and cans are packed in the brand new Vikos unit in Kalpaki, Ioannina, one of the largest investments in the Ioannina region in recent years.