Fillo Rolls from M. Arabatzis SA – Hellenic Dough

Fillo Rolls

M. Arabatzis SA – Hellenic Dough presents Fillo Rolls, a new product category made with fine ingredients from Greece. What are Fillo Rolls? Extra crispy sheets of filo pastry stuffed with delicious fillings made of exceptional raw materials and based on traditional Greek recipes. Namely, there are four Fillo Rolls offerings ready to be served as appetizers or entrées any time of the day:
· Feta PDA cheese/ Spinach & Feta PDO (ideal for vegeterians)
· Potato/ Spinach (ideal for vegans)
· Chicken & Cheese (with 100% minced beef meat)
· Chicken Gyros & Tzatziki.

About M. Arabatzis SA - Hellenic Dough

M. Arabatzis SA – Hellenic Dough is the largest frozen dough company in Greece and among the largest in Europe. It specializes in frozen pastry products inspired by the Mediterranean and Greek diet –an international dietary trend during the last five or so years,– with ingredients from the rich Greek land, such as Greek extra virgin olive oil, PDO Feta cheese, spinach, yogurt and many others. Producing more than 500 different frozen pastry products, such as bougatsa (a special type of dough), croissants, country pies, filo pastry products, koulouri (a circular bread, typically encrusted with sesame seeds), pizza, and puff pastry products, with an assortment of fillings and a variety of shapes, the company caters to the foodservice as well as the retail market. All frozen pastry products are made in state-of-the-art facilities at Sindos, the industrial area of Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece, using fully automated, cutting-edge machinery.
Since established, M. Arabatzis SA – Hellenic Dough has striven to develop innovative products with traditional flavors taken straight from the Greek cuisine. The philosophy of the company is to produce goods synonymous with high quality. As a result, it ensures that at all stages of production, its products meet the highest international food standards.