Vikos: New Pink Grapefruit Refreshment

Vikos pink grapefruit refreshment

A brand new product, combining Mitsikeli natural mineral water and the energizing scent and taste of pink grapefruit is on the market by Vikos, a brand of Epirocit Bottling Industry SA. The new refreshment is available in 0.33 ml bottles. 

“Mitsikeli” Natural Mineral Water is bottled at “Zagorochoria” source. Without undergoing any processing, it is brought via a stainless steel network of pipes to the latest bottling machinery. For the prevention of potential hazards, daily water and packaging material inspections, as well as staff and plant hygiene end product checks, are conducted at all critical control points of the manufacturing process, in accordance with the HACCP system. These inspections ensure that water will reach the consumer while maintaining its original physic-chemical composition and microbial purity. 

About Vikos

Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A. (Vikos S.A.) is a family business founded in 1990 and is one of the most renowned and reputable companies in the bottled water market. Vikos S.A. is a Greek company that started business in 1992 by bottling Natural Mineral Water “Vikos”, from the homonymous source and distributing it to the Greek and foreign markets, whilst maintaining its position of main supplier to the largest supermarket chains. All Vikos products are manufactured according to the strictest European Union standards and are distinguished for their high quality.