Two Cypriot cold-cuts registered as PGI

Cypriot PGI Products

The application for the listing of two Cypriot products, “Lountza Pitsilias” and “Loukaniko Pitsilias”, in the Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) register was just approved by the European Commission.
“Loukaniko Pitsilias” is a matured, smoked sausage from pork meat, marinated in wine, which comes from the area of Pitsilia in Cyprus, whereas “Lountza Pitsilias”is a matured, dry, salted and smoked cold cut, prepared from pork fillet and marinated in wine.
Salting, marinating in wine, adding spices and mixing the meat are important stages of the preparation process that ensure the sausages and cold cuts are prepared from the same mixture and have the same quality characteristics. Production know-how remains unchanged, is passed down from generation to generation and is still used today in the modern facilities of the producers of Pitsilia.
These two new PGI products are the latest added to the more than 1,500 food products that already enjoy the EU’s quality protection. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus: “The unique climatic and soil conditions in the area of Pitsilia are transferred to the wine of the local varieties and subsequently, through marinating, the fresh pork meat is infused with their particular aromas and flavors. This is followed by smoking and ripening using local, traditional know-how and the passion of the region’s butchers, resulting in special dishes that reach the plate and kitchens of European citizens, helping put Cyprus and Pitsilia in particular on the gastronomic map of the European Union.”