Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Halizia Tirilias

Halitzia Tillyrias becomes a PGI product

The little known cheese from Cyprus is in the final stage to be a Protected Geographical Indication product.
International Taste Institute Awards

Greek and Cypriot food & beverage products thrive

Two hundred products awarded with the 2023 Superior Taste Award by world-class chefs & sommeliers The jury of the International Taste Institute, composed of...
Best Greek Gin and Bars

Top Greek Gins & Greek Top Bars  

On the occasion of the recently released list of the World’s 50 Best Bars, let’s take a look at the leading Greek Bartending scene and Greek spirits that top exports today...
Voreia Craft Beer Awards

Voreia: 6 new distinctions for the Siris Craft Brewery

Voreia craft beers continue their journey amassing awards and distinctions for their excellent aroma, texture and taste.
Cucumbers and Peppers

Record exports in peppers and cucumbers

At a record pace, at +34%, cucumber exports are developing in the period between Sept. 1st 2022 and June 2nd 2023, rising to 65,690 tons, compared to 49,023 tons in the correspondent period 2021/22.
Moschos Farms - Best Organic Farm in Europe

Moschos Farm: The Best Organic Farmer in Europe

The Commission presented the 8 winners of this year's EU Organic Awards, organized for the second consecutive year on the occasion of the EU Organic Production Day.
Plant based meat

And the Winner is… Plant Based

Following the disruption created by the Covid-19 pandemic in the entire food supply chain, plant-based food, which was until then evaluated as the next best thing investment-wise...
Chrysovitsas potato

Patata Chrysovitsas on the way to become a PGI product

The delicious potato from Chrysovitsa region is on the way to become a PGI product
Greek Olives and Olive Oil

Olive oil & Olives: Reduced production leads to the limiting of exports

Greek exports will increase by 2% - 3% in 2024 (in deflated terms), remaining, however, below the medium-term trend for their annual growth (5%), according to a recent study by the National Bank's Economic Analysis Department.
Nico Lazaridis Wines

Nico Lazaridi: New Château White & Rose 2023

A new wine journey begins with Châteaux Nico Lazaridi White & Rose 2023. The new vintages of Nico Lazaridi’s iconic wines come with new labels, which are part of an original visual narrative about wine....